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Virtual PBX

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Youtel's Virtual PBX is an innovative solution that transforms the way your company communicates with customers and manages internal communications. Our advanced phone system virtualization technology provides powerful and flexible options for managing calls, improving customer service and streamlining workflow. With Youtel's virtual PBX, you'll have everything you need to communicate effectively and professionally with your customers and partners.

What's it for?

Youtel's Virtual PBX is an indispensable tool for your business that provides improved management and effective customer interaction

Improve customer service: Allows you to create an automatic call routing system, providing customers with a fast and quality response to their requests.
Optimize business processes: Automates many tasks related to call handling and contact management, increasing team productivity.
Increase Flexibility: Allows you to work from anywhere in the world, ensuring accessibility and the ability to respond to off-site calls.
Save resources: Reduces equipment and maintenance costs for telephone systems, giving you a cost-effective solution.
Improve analytics: Provides call data to help identify trends and improve your customer service strategy.

Virtual PBX functions

Youtel's Virtual PBX provides a wide range of features designed to optimize and improve communications in your company

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

An automated voice menu system that directs calls to the correct extension numbers or provides information to customers.

Call routing

Automatically route calls to the appropriate employees or departments based on defined rules and criteria

conference call

Ability to organize multi-tier conferences for internal or external discussions

Voice mail

System for recording and storing voice messages for further processing

Recording of conversations

Ability to record telephone conversations for customer service quality control and staff training

Call transfer function

Ability to redirect calls between internal numbers or even to external numbers

Automatic greeting and engagement

Playing welcome messages and music on hold for customers while waiting

Integration with CRM

Synchronize customer and call data with customer relationship management systems for more efficient services

Reporting and analytics

Provide call data and statistics for performance analysis and planning

Mobile app

Ability to manage calls and communications from mobile devices

Answering machine

Ability to customize automatic messages and actions in certain situations, for example, after hours

Call queuing

Set priorities for call handling or define specific handling for different types of calls

Advantages of Youtel Virtual PBX

All these benefits will make your business communication more efficient, cost-effective and ready for the challenges of today's business world.

Resource savings: Utilizing cloud-based solutions reduces hardware and support costs.
Flexibility and scalability: Easy customization and expansion of functionality according to business needs.
Mobility: Ability to work from any location and device, increasing mobility and accessibility of communications.
Improved customer service: Automated features such as IVR and call routing improve the handling and response to customer calls.
Integration with other systems: Easily integrate with CRM, data centers and other applications to better manage data and communications.
Analytics and Reporting: Providing call data and statistics to help in making informed decisions.
Security and Reliability: Protect against threats and ensure continuous operation of the telephony infrastructure.
Cross-communication: Ensuring consistency and effectiveness of communications within the company.
Ease of use: Intuitive interface and easy customization make the system accessible to employees.
Technical Support: Professional technical support and updates for smooth operation of the system.

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