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CRM Functions

Our CRM solutions offer a wide range of features designed to effectively manage customer relationships and optimize business processes. Here are Youtel's key CRM features:

Contact management

Create and manage a database of customers and contacts, including their contact details and interaction history

Transaction Management

Track and manage transactions from start to finish, including milestones, tasks and documentation

Tasks and reminders

Create and assign tasks, reminders and calendar events for effective time management

Marketing campaigns

Plan, execute and track marketing campaigns and mailings

Customer segmentation

Group your customer base based on various parameters for more accurate and personalized communication

Analytics and reporting

Create detailed reports and analyze sales, customer and marketing data

Integration with other systems

Integration with other Youtel services such as Virtual PBX and Auto Dialer for harmonized communications and data management

Handling customer inquiries

Management of customer requests and inquiries with the ability to track their status

Mobile access

Ability to access CRM data from mobile devices for off-site work

Automation of business processes

Create and customize workflows to optimize operations

Security and privacy

Customer data protection and access control

Customization and configuration

Ability to customize CRM to meet your company's unique needs

Customer Support

Improved customer service with a system that tracks requests and resolves them quickly

Saving time and resources

Automating tasks and processes helps save time and resources


Our CRM solutions have a number of outstanding features that make them indispensable tools for optimizing and improving customer relationship management. Here are the key features of Youtel CRM

Centralized data storage: All customer, contact and transaction information is stored in a single database for easy access and relevance.
Sales Management: Sales funnel tracking, deal management, conversion analysis and sales performance improvement.
Marketing and analytics: Planning and execution of marketing campaigns, segmentation of customer base and analysis of results.
Save time and resources: Youtel CRM allows you to optimize processes, reducing inefficient waste of time and resources.

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