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What's it for?

Youtel's Auto Dialer is a powerful toolkit designed to improve and optimize your company's communications.

Efficiency in calling: Auto Dialer automatically dials numbers and establishes a connection with subscribers, which reduces waiting time and increases agent productivity.
Optimize resources: The system filters numbers by itself, removing invalid or unwanted contacts, saving time and resources.
Call personalization: Auto Dialer allows you to customize scripts and greetings depending on the type of contact, which makes communication more personal and effective.
Statistics and Analysis: The system provides detailed data on calls and call results, which helps in analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and making informed decisions.
Time and money: Auto Dialer significantly reduces the time required to make calls and reduces the cost of human resources, making communications more cost-effective.
Improved customer service: The system can be used for appointment reminders, collecting feedback from customers, and other purposes that improve customer service.
Speed and Scalability: Auto Dialer provides fast call speeds and is easily scalable to match the growth of your business.


These features of Auto Dialer make it a powerful tool for effective calling, marketing campaigns and customer service.

Automatic call

Авто-набор номеров и установка соединения с абонентами без необходимости ручного набора

Progressive calling

An efficient algorithm that takes into account the availability of operators and contacts, minimizing waits and downtime

Scripts and voice greetings

Ability to create personalized scripts and voice messages for each type of call

Number filtering

Automatic deletion of invalid and unwanted numbers, reducing time wasted on useless calls

Detailed statistics

Provide detailed call data and call results for analysis and reporting

Integration with CRM

Integration with customer relationship management systems to synchronize data and improve customer interactions


Ability to expand the system to meet the needs and growth of the business

Calling speed

Auto Dialer provides high speed, which increases the volume of calls per unit of time

Mobile access

Ability to use Auto Dialer from mobile devices for flexibility and mobility of operators

Voice mail

Possibility to leave voice messages and have them processed by operators

Schedule management

Setting up a call schedule, including business hours and days of the week

Automatic dialing

Ability to configure automatic dialing of a group of numbers for one or more campaigns

Features of working with us

Auto Dialer automatically dials numbers and connects with contacts, reducing the need for manual dialing and increasing agent efficiency

An efficient calling algorithm that considers agent and contact availability, minimizing downtime and waiting time

Ability to customize scripts and voice greetings depending on the purpose of the call, which allows you to personalize communication with customers

The system automatically filters invalid numbers, numbers on DNC lists and other unwanted contacts, reducing time wasted on calls


These benefits make Youtel's Auto Dialer an essential tool for companies looking to improve the efficiency of their calling, marketing campaigns and customer service.

Efficiency and time savings: Automatic dialing and call routing reduce the time operators spend manually dialing and waiting for an answer.
Increased productivity: High call speeds allow agents to make more calls per unit of time, increasing contact volume.
Automatic Number Filtering: The system automatically eliminates invalid and unwanted numbers, reducing the likelihood of unproductive calls.
Improved service efficiency: Personalized scripts and voice greetings improve the quality and results of customer interactions.
Detailed analytics: Auto Dialer provides extensive call data and call results to help you optimize strategies and monitor performance.
CRM Integration: Ability to integrate Auto Dialer with customer relationship management systems to collect and analyze data.
Mobile Ready: Operators can use Auto Dialer from both workstations and mobile devices, providing flexibility and mobility.
Scalability: The system is easily scalable to accommodate business growth and increased call volume.
Speed and Accuracy: Auto Dialer provides fast and accurate calls, which increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and customer calls.
Resource savings: Reduced human resource costs and increased productivity make Auto Dialer a cost-effective solution.

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