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SIP trunk

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Initiating and terminating calls

A SIP trunk enables the establishment and termination of voice and video calls between devices over the internet

Text messaging

This protocol allows text messaging within a telephone session, enabling versatile communication

Multichannel management

SIP-trunk provides an opportunity to organize several parallel telephone channels for efficient service of multiple calls

Integration with other services

This protocol can be easily integrated with various applications and services such as video conferencing or cloud-based telephony systems, improving functionality and enhancing communication capabilities

Features of working with us

SIP trunk allows you to transmit not only voice information, but also data for video calls, text messages and other multimedia formats, providing all-round communication.

This protocol supports the initiation, modification, and termination of communication sessions, which provides flexibility in managing telephone connections and data communication applications.

The SIP trunk uses standard Internet protocols (e.g., TCP/IP), which simplifies its integration with existing infrastructure and ensures compatibility with various devices and software solutions.

The open structure of SIP provides the ability to use different codecs to compress audio and video data, which optimizes the use of network bandwidth and ensures high quality of communication.


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