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YouTel will give you the company all the advantages of automatic outgoing calls! You do not have to spend time looking and forming your number of customers, partners and customers because all this will be done through the automatic call program! The connection takes place automatically or semi-automatically, and your operators are making a conversation according to the set scenario. Save Your Time and Resources - Use All Call Functions from YouTel!




Automatic Output Dialing allows you to reach subscribers from your list at a time. Depending on the purpose of the call, one of the selected call scenarios is activated when connecting to the subscriber:

- Automatically play audio files with a reminder, notification, greeting cards or other information;
- connection with your operator, waiting for a conversation with a particular client;
- connecting with your operator after the response of any subscriber in the list on which the automatic redialling is performed.


At the time of an outgoing call, the operator may display a client card, and when a call is received, it is automatically displayed. This information is pre-loaded into the program with the Excel file. It is possible to modify the automatic calling program to synchronize with the CRM system or databases running at the enterprise. The program maintains perfect and missed call reporting, with the ability to filter results by date or type of activity.




Automatic dialing is successfully used by a variety of public organizations and private, who want to quickly transmit their information to the widest public. This characteristic will be especially useful for companies that do not have their own call center, but who wish to inform customers regularly and potential customers on existing actions or developing, new services and other events. Banking and collection organizations use calls to remind debtors of the need for payment. Automatic calls used for social surveys and marketing research.


Ordering an automatic call system from YouTel, you will get a complete trust solution for effective communication with the audience you need!

For AutoDialer

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